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  • Are you a beginner but have no idea where to begin?
  • Do you want to have fun learning to play your favorite band’s music, or even write your own?
  • Are you the type of person that wants to learn things the right way the first time around?
  • Are you frustrated because you can’t find a way to make any real progress with your playing?
  • Maybe you’ve been playing for years and still can’t avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly?
  • Do you like classic and modern rock, metal, or blues style music?
  • Would you like to find the right guitar teacher at no risk with a free introductory lesson?

“Jeff has incredible knowledge of guitar and music in general. He has helped me achieve great progress with my playing! The opportunities that The Way Of Guitar provide are second to none!”

Nick SbelgioStudent

How About All the Free Stuff Online?

With a massive sea of information out there it’s hard to determine where your focus should be spent, and you end up drowning in possibilities.  You also need to ask yourself these questions; can you verify that the source is reliable?  Even if you think it is, are you learning the right thing at the right time?  Do you have a solid plan in place so that you don’t waste hours of your time on something that won’t really help you at all now?

If you’re working with a great guitar teacher, you won’t have worry about what you should be spending your time focusing on.  You won’t have to wonder if you’re doing it right, if there’s a better way, or what you should be doing next.  You’ll save yourself time and frustration scouring the internet looking for the right solution to get you to the next level.

Why Books Fail?

Fact is, we are all individuals and we all have different desires and learn in different ways.  No generic method book can address the nuances of your unique situation.  On top of that, they are tedious, unfulfilling, and boring.  If you want to make yourself quit guitar, try to learn from a method book!

Books along with many guitar teachers typically follow a tired and old standard of one size fits all, and step by step, which may be helpful for building a chair but, not inspiring, or effective for teaching you to play guitar.  Instead, imagine learning guitar in a fun and interactive way, personalized, where no question goes unanswered, and immediate feedback is always there to stop bad habits before they take hold.

Find The Closest Guitar Teacher Then, Right?

Not necessarily.  Though it’s tempting out of convenience to go to the guy or music store that’s right around the corner, it’s not the best way to determine who’s hands you’re going to place your guitar playing fate in.  Choosing the closest or cheapest teacher over choosing the right teacher will end up costing you more time, money, and frustration in the end.

You want to be sure you have a qualified teacher, one who will take the time to learn exactly what you want and can show you what you need, when you need it.  One that has experience and proof of their student’s success.  You’ll want a teacher that you can grow with, from just starting out all the way to the finish line.

“2018 marks the 8th year of lessons with Jeff. Over that time, I have seen my guitar playing grow to new limits. I've used the knowledge that I have learned to form a Metal band named Murder in Rue Morgue. I went from dreaming of being in a band when I first started lessons with Jeff to being in one that now shares the stage with my favorite national acts! I believe the technique and skills that I’ve learned has made me successful in my bands live performances, song writing, and recordings. I’m glad I found out about The Way Of Guitar!”

Dan OuimetteStudent

What Would You Do If You Could Play Guitar The Way You Want?

  • Impress friends and family?
  • Play for personal enjoyment?
  • Have the courage to join in on open mic?
  • Play confidently in front of people?
  • Write and recording your own music and albums?
  • Get your songs played on the radio?
  • Record a music video?
  • Be nominated for music awards?

At The Way Of Guitar You:

  • Have fun learning guitar with lessons that cover the style of music you want to play!
  • Learn how to get maximum results with less practice time!
  • Get the motivation to go further when you see consistent progress with your playing!
  • Save money, time, and headaches learning with a teacher that knows how to get you results!
  • Gain the confidence to play for friends, family, or perform on stage!
  • Have your very own custom outline to help make progress easy!
  • Have a guitar teacher that you can grow with, from beginner to advance playing if that’s what you want!
  • Gain access to my exclusive student only forum, super fun workshops, and so much more!
If you’re a beginner looking to make learning guitar fun and feel confident in the fact that you selected the best possible teacher, you can do so with no risk by requesting your free introductory lesson today!
If you’re an intermediate guitar player that has been let down by past teachers or is stuck in a rut trying to do it all alone, give me one session to show you that with the right guidance it doesn’t have to be that difficult to take it to the next level!
If you’re an advanced player that needs in-depth attention to detail that only a fellow professional can provide, I’m here for you. Stop looking, stop wondering, and take control today!

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Student Highlights
Hello, my name is Jeff Wiggins

I’m a professional guitar player and full-time guitar teacher in Auburn, NY and I want you to know that if you’re frustrated trying to play guitar the way you want, you’re not alone.  Just like you and every student that comes to me, I once struggled with making the progress I wanted, and I felt that I would never be able to play even half as good as my heroes.  I knew that there had to be a better way…

I believe that there’s a misconception when it comes to learning guitar.  We’ve been told that you can easily learn to play guitar on your own.  Just get a cookie cutter “how to” book, watch some random instructional videos online, or by watching your buddy shred out.  And if that fails, any guitar teacher will do.  Yeah, right!

It wasn’t until I found the right teacher with the right plan that things really came together for me.

“I came to Jeff's studio with many years of experience but had hit a wall. It's amazing how much my playing has improved in the time that I started working with Jeff. I'm playing solos confidently that I never thought I would be able to play before, and even writing songs utilizing my new knowledge of music theory. Now I’m even being asked to fly to an event where I’ll be playing with a band in front of a crowd of thousands!”

John GagneStudent

“Being a self-taught guitar player, I struggled with songwriting and really felt limited in my ability to connect with other musicians musically. Working with Jeff I was able to sharpen my skills and take my guitar playing to a new level. Utilizing these skills enabled me to join a local band, record albums in the studio, make music videos, tour, and even play several dates on Vans Warped Tour! If your feeling stagnant with your abilities as a guitar player, Jeff can help guide you along your journey.”

Angelo ZinkovitchStudent